Among the best investments you can make when starting or expanding your restaurant is to join the Utah Restaurant Association. The URA represents owners at all levels of government, provides rich member benefit programs and offers invaluable industry contacts and a knowledge base that can help you be more efficient and profitable. And it's a great deal! The real dollar value of the Utah Restaurant Association far exceeds the cost of dues, even if you only consider the lobbying and representation, which is not available from any other source. Add the many tangible benefits, and Utah Restaurant Association membership can be the difference between success and failure in starting a restaurant.

Starting or expanding a restaurant in today's business environment is a complex and time-consuming task. Laws vary from one jurisdiction to the next, distribution channels fluctuate, and just staying abreast of regulations and how they affect your business can be daunting.Utah Restaurant Association membership can help you navigate the tangled bureaucratic and regulatory environment with information and assistance on legal and risk management issues, such as workers' compensation and liquor control. And as we help you dodge obstacles and challenges, the URA helps keep your return on investment profiles, profitability targets, special vendor arrangements and a host of other advantages and tools.

Furthermore, Utah Restaurant Association membership keeps you in touch with your industry colleagues, both down the street and across the state. You can learn what your peers are doing in a collegial setting, however this is far more than just a social club. We give restaurateurs a collective voice that's absolutely necessary in today's special-interest political environment. But that collective voice is only as loud as the number of individual voices. More members mean greater representation and bargaining power, and better, broader and more affordable benefits. Participation in the Utah Restaurant Association not only makes sense, but, frankly it is the right thing to do... for your investors, your employees, your fellow restaurateurs, and for you.

A network, a voice, and a rich source of business resources are ingredients for success in the restaurant business. That's why the Utah Restaurant needs your support and membership dollars.

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